Pre Planning

Pre Planning Funerals in
Naples, Florida

To alleviate the emotional and financial burden from their families, many people elect to make their final arrangements in advance. Our experience has shown this advanced planning to be ideal for everyone involved. Pre-Planning your cremation ensures that, not only will your loved ones be spared the painful task of making at need cremation arrangements while dealing with your loss, you will receive the disposition you want to have.

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Pre-Planning Checklist

Funerals can be overwhelming. Even when you plan ahead, the funeral pre-planning process can seem like a lot to handle. At Naples Funeral Home, we can help you every step of the way. Our helpful professionals are happy to assist with planning a funeral or memorial service that will bring you peace.

Prepare Essential Information

A funeral pre-planning service can be trusted to handle some aspects, but others need your personal touch. For instance, be sure to make a list of individuals who should be contacted in the event of an emergency or death. Only you know which of your loves ones and friends you want to notify.

Also, consider the obituary. You can write it yourself, or if you would rather, you can simply put your requests regarding the obituary into writing. You can decide where you want the obituary to appear and if you’d like to publicize the memorial information. If you require guidance, our professionals are happy to help.

Plan Service Details

Memorial services are as unique as individuals. You can make yours special by planning the following details:

  • Service location and cemetery lot
  • Casket style, material, and additional options
  • Flowers and music
  • Eulogies and speakers

Whether you’d like a religious service or a non-denominational memorial, we can help you decide and plan the particulars.

Arrange Legal Elements

Legal proceedings are important to remember as well. Review your will with your lawyer and appoint an executor. Speak with your family members regarding assets and possessions, and address funeral costs and payment. At Naples Funeral Home, we want this aspect of your planning to be as simple as possible, which is why we work with you to arrange everything to your satisfaction.

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